The Sinful Life of The Emperor Chapter 91 Special Trainer

Chapter 91 Special Trainer

Zed parked his car in the academy and met Felicity outside the cafeteria. She has already completed her breakfast with Jessica and Loren so the three joined Zed.

"You did well," Felicity said with a nod of approval as they went towards the classroom, "You finally made me proud."

"Proud?" Zed looked at her in astonishment. What has he done to gain her approval?

"The way you taught that principal...The ex-principal Owain a lesson," Felicity said, "Now I won’t feel bad to be associated with you"

"..." Zed was sweating. If he knew such a thing could make her feel better then he would have played with the other teachers in a similar fashion.

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Loren and Jessica listened to their conversation with eyes wide open. They have seen the commotion in the academy yesterday when Owain was beaten. While they didn’t know the details they knew most of the recent admissions were canceled along with the principal ’resigning’ from the academy.

Loren and her brother were luckily spared thanks to their father but other transfer students weren’t so lucky. She has seen how some of the students in her class called out publicly as their admissions were revoked.

Loren could pretty much imagine just how insulting the whole episode has been for the students and their rich parents.

Many students and teachers had their own theories on how things took place thanks to the rumors passed by the doctors and guards. The rumors found Zed as the culprit but most people didn’t believe them.

After all, how can a student with no background be responsible for such things? Most people believed Felicity was the true mastermind given her ’relationship’ with Zed. Everyone knew her father was a senator so it made it more obvious.

Loren knew better for she was there when Zed informed Felicity that he was fired. She remembered him saying he has already taken action and everything would be solved in a day or two.

At that time she thought Zed was just saying things to calm down Felicity but now she knew how wrong she was. In just a span of hours much less a day, he was able to fire the principal.

Loren truly wondered just how Zed was able to do such a thing. She wanted to ask him the details but she didn’t since they weren’t even a proper acquaintance.

Jessica, on the other hand, wasn’t much surprised by the events. She remembered how frightened Irina was when she met Zed at the gang headquarters.

Jessica understood there was more to him then what he let the world knew.


A house in a suburb area.

Owain was standing outside the house looking at a pickup van. Besides him was a middle-aged woman guiding the helping staff on transferring the luggage from the house to van.

"I never thought we will be asked to leave from our own house," the woman said in a bitter tone, "The things are only getting worse for us."

"I’m sorry for this mess," Owain said, "Never expected things to turn out this way."

They were new in the city so they didn’t owe a permanent house of their own. The house they stayed in till now was rented but now the landlord has unceremoniously asked them to leave. This was illegal, of course, but Owain knew there was no use of fighting. He was sure the landlord was working on Floyd’s instructions.

Owain also knew things will get further worse since many admissions were canceled. He has earned the wrath of not only Floyd but also new government officers.

"Everything is due to that slum bastard," Owain gritted his teeth in frustration.

"Calm down, love," The woman placed a hand on his shoulder, "Surely that kid must have a powerful background given the mess we are in. Don’t do anything disastrous otherwise, our lives will turn to hell."

"I know," Owain took a deep breath to calm himself, "But are we supposed to just take this insult and move on?"

The woman gave a deep sigh. She was angry as well for she has lost the access to the elite clubs of this city.

"We can’t take action," The woman said after thinking for a moment, "But we can trigger others and in the process reduce the mess."

Owain looked at her in surprise. He understood the others referred to the children whose admissions were canceled.

Maybe the parents will be able to think with a calm mind and not take a drastic step, but the same didn’t apply to the elite children who were born with a silver spoon.

"I know you have signed an NDA," The woman continued, "That doesn’t mean we don’t have means to spread rumors. In fact, rumors are a more powerful tool than straight up facts."

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"True," Owain’s eyes lit up.



Golden Fitness Centre was located in the central district. It was a high-class gym popular among the elites of the city which also meant it was costly. This only increased its craze among the society for it meant a status symbol.

The gym occupied a two-storied building with multiple rooms for people who wish to have individual training under the guidance of a personal trainer. The real money earned by the gym was from private sessions for they costed a good extra.

Having a personal trainer not only ensure proper guidance but it also ensures that the gym enthusiast would keep their fitness commitment. It makes sure that one will go to the gym to the right time and follow the schedule properly.

At the corner of the second floor of the gym, there was a woman’s locker room. In the room, there were two women changing to gym outfit.

One of them was Suzane - mother of Olly and Loren. She wore a red sports bra and blue shorts. The clothes complimented her curvaceous figure especially her large boobs

"How is your stay so far?" a brunette woman in late thirties asked. The woman was wearing a white bra and black shorts. Her body was no less seductive than Suzane.

"Good," Suzane replied, "I’m grateful for your help, Rubie."

"No help at all," Rubie said, "I’m glad to have a new friend."

Suzane gave a smile but inwardly she scorned at the word friend. She knew very well that Rubie was trying to earn her favors.

After all, she was the wife of the ’temporary’ main chief investigator of wasteland incident. The entire high society was curious about the incident and Rubie believed Suzane would have a lot of juicy secrets to share.

Suzane didn’t mind though for everyone was selfish in one way or the other. She was also enjoying Rubie’s arrangements so she was happy to have her acquaintanceship. The gym was her idea and so far she has liked it.

"There is a very good spa center nearby," Rubie said while giving a naughty wink, "It is very popular among women. You should give it a try."

"No, the gym is enough for me," Suzane’s face was flushed red. She obviously understood why the spa was popular.

"Your loss," Rubie said, "let us start the gym session."

Rubie and Suzane left the locker room and entered a large room consisting of various gym equipment such as machine fly, stability ball, reformer pilates, treadmill, hyperextension bench, smith machine, and so on.

This room was for private sessions and for the next hour it was reserved for two of them. They both were under the guidance of a single trainer.

"You are late," a male voice entered Rubie and Suzane’s ears. Suzane was surprised by the masculine voice for their trainer was a female.

She looked around and saw Kiba standing nearby. He was wearing nothing but gym shorts and Suzane couldn’t help but glance at his chiseled torso and the fit abdomen.

"Kiba?" Suzane muttered.

"Don’t waste time," Kiba looked at them with a stern gaze,"Start with a warmup."

"You are not our trainer!" Suzane said. From last week she has been undergoing her training under a female trainer so how can Kiba instruct her?

"Actually he is a special trainer here," Rubie remarked with a smile,"We are lucky he would be guiding us for he rarely gives personal sessions."

"What?!" Suzane was startled. She has heard he was a mercenary of a sort so how did he become a trainer?

What does a special trainer mean anyways?

"Your trainer is on a leave for a week due to personal business," Kiba said in a nonchalant voice, "I am filling in for her."

"We will be in your experienced hands," Rubie’s voice contained the obvious excitement, "Please take good care of us."

Seeing Rubie’s excitement, Suzane truly believed he a might be a good trainer...

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